Welcome to the Nowegian Mining Museum and the Silver Mines!

Gruvetoget på vei ut av mundlochet. (Foto/Photo)

The Silver Mines

8 km outside Kongsberg city center, in Saggrenda, you can find the entrance to the Silver mines. During the summer season you can visit the King's mine which is the Norwegian mining museum's visitors mine.

Join a guided tour and experience the exciting history of Norway's largest silver mine. 

Enquiries can be directed to post@bvm.no or +47 919 13 200. 

Where to find us: Malmveien 11, 3614 Kongsberg

Note that tickets in the summer can be sold out. It is recommended to book tickets online. Meet up 15 min. before depatures.

Gruppe ved stollkneet (Foto/Photo)

Tours in the Silver mines 2021

To be guaranteed entry, book tickets online.

Norsk Bergverksmuseum (ebillett.no)

02.01-17.05           On request
18.05-20.06Daily                     Kl. 10 og 12.30
21.06-15.08DailyKl. 10, 12.30 og 15
16.08-31.08DailyKl. 12.30 og 15
04.09-30.09Only weekendsKl. 12.30 og 15
04.10-17.10DailyKl. 12
18.10-31.12On request

The King's mine

Join us for a tour inside the spectacular King’s mine! The largest mine in Kongsberg produced almost half of all the silver mined by Kongsberg Silver Works.

The mine train takes us 2300 meters inside the mountain, 342 meters below the surface. The King’s mine is a unique underground environment, and through the guided tour you will take part in an extraordinary experience and learn about the mining history in Kongsberg. During the tour you get to see crew lifts, ore lifts, machines, the forge and locations where they struck silver, and you can experience the environment in the mines through temperature, humidity and especially the lack of daylight.

The temperature inside the mine is 6 °C, so dress warm and comfortable. The mine train takes about 15 minutes each way and is very noisy, so use the provided ear plugs or bring your own. After exiting the mine train inside the mine, the guided tour is on foot and lasts approximately 60 minutes. The route stretches over 800 meters and includes climbing stairs equivalent of 5 floors.

The mine is not adapted for wheelchair users, and visitors with poor physique or vision impairment are adviced to refrain from taking part in the tour. This is because everyone needs to be able to complete the tour on foot in the King’s mine, and in addittion be capable to evacuate on foot 2,3 km out of the mines in case of an emergency, without any assistance. The vibrations in the mine train can also be uncomfortable for pregnant women.

Minimum age to participate is 3 years old, but the recommended age is 5 years and up.

Duration: 1,5 hours including the mine train in/out.


Adults: 230,- / Children: 120,- / Seniors: 155,- / Students: 155,-

To book private tours of the mine contact us at: post@bvm.no or +47 919 13 200.

Barn som undersøker steiner. (Foto/Photo)

The activity site outside the Silvermines

At the activity site you can learn more about mining. During the summer season we have daily demonstrations of firesetting, an old mining technique. You can also pan for silver, break and examine rocks, and mint your own coin.

Opening hours:

16.08-31.08 (Weekends)
01.09-30.09 (Weekends) 
Sakkerhus- Saggrenda (Foto/Photo)

The Sakkerhus shop

In the buildings where the miners lived during the work week, called Sakkerhus, you can find our museum shop. Here you can buy souvenirs like mining lamps, an incredible selection of stones and litterature about the mining history.

Opening hours:

04.09-30.09         Weekends12-15.30

Mann med karbidlykt i Gottes Hulfe in der noth (Foto/Photo)

Mine Safari - Gottes Hülfe in der Noth mine

Join an underground expedition 3636 meters into the mountain. The tour starts in Saggrenda as the mine train transports us 2,3 km to the King's mine. Then we walk the last 1200 meters through Christian VII's adit. The tour goes through a part of the mine system that has not been adapted for tourists, so it's important that you have waterproof footwear and bring your own flashlight.

Note: The language on this tour is mainly in norwegian.   


Adults: 450,- / Children: 200,-
Suitable from 8 years old. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Where: Malmveien 11, Saggrenda

Saturday: 27. February, 6. March and 6. November at 12-15.
Tuesday: 13. April, 4. May, 8. June, 6. July, 3. August, 7. September, 5. October and 2. November at 18-21

2200 meters merket i Christian den 7.stoll (Foto/Photo)

Through Christian VII's adit to the King's mine

The construction of Christian VII's adit/tunnel was the largest single project of Kongsberg Silver Works and it reaches 6 km into the mountain. On this tour we walk the first 2,3 km and talk about the technological develpments and the great challenges the miners faced in order to determine which direction they should excavate the adit.

Note: The language on this tour is mainly in norwegian.   

Adults: 350,- / Children: 150,-
Suitable from 8 years old. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Where: Malmveien 11, Saggrenda

Tuesday: 16. March and 7. October at 18-21.